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Find Your Niche: The DIY Brand Positioning & Offering Course

We’ve all seen it before, you’re scrolling through your social media feeds, and you click on an ad. 

IMMEDIATELY you’re bombarded with 5-15 ads from similar businesses, all advertising similar things. They all seem to say the same thing, and it seems impossible to know which is clearly the best option for you…


A vertical where businesses say a lot of the same things in their marketing, and sound fairly similar, results in prospective buyers clicking on EVERY OPTION (possibly multiple times) as they try to search and click your ads, all in an effort to determine which is the best fit for them before purchasing or contacting you.

And if WHY people should choose you isn’t clear… that’s all your ads will generate. A lot of clicks and very little else.

As service providers, most of you know the answer to this is to ‘find your niche’, find your speciality. 

You’ve probably known for years this is the answer to a more profitable business, and more effective marketing. 

But you don’t pull the trigger, why?

To most people browsing your marketing, you still appear to be everything to everyone..

It’s because you don’t have a proven process to follow when choosing your niche, and you’re not confident enough in your options to completely pull the trigger.

From fear of it being the wrong decision, or fear of ‘losing’ potential opportunities.

Because a lot of your business may come from referrals and word of mouth at the moment, and this brings a mixed bag of clients.

You wouldn’t want to lose any if you seem to specialised…

But you’re not thinking about what can be gained when you have a clear audience you are the #1 option for.

You start to deliver better outcomes and be far more efficient at your service.

You can charge more.

You will convert more leads into sales, easier, and in a quicker time period.

Leads will become cheaper as you have less competition and stand out from the main market.

And your business becomes more profitable, and easier to run.

This is why we’re giving you access to the same internal process we use for our revenue share clients to refine their positioning, create a killer offering, conduct market research that validates both, and plan a super efficient marketing campaign.

This process is compulsory before we work with any client in an incentivised or revenue share campaign, as our own money is on the line as to whether the campaign will be profitable.

So we needed a foolproof process to help clients who thought they wanted to take on the whole market, to slice out a section of the market they can actually lead and be the #1 option for a particular segment of the market.

Then use market research to validate our thinking before wasting money on ads, and ultimately create a high-performing marketing system that can deliver clients on demand.

Bringing reliability and control to a business.

This exact process is now available for anyone to complete on their own, without needing to pay for us to take you through it ourselves.

Our hope is that this will create change, and encourage more people to properly think about how they fit into a market before wasting money and time setting up marketing campaigns that sound exactly like everyone else.


What people say about the course

Kallie Kitas - KK Nutrition

Doing your DIY course really allowed me to explore things properly that I didn't do in the first place and made me realise why my marketing efforts failed this whole entire time.

So I'm really excited about the upgrades and changes and feel way more confident and in alignment with the marketing around it.

It was really something that paved the way for me into what my vision is now and putting it all together so I thank you for that.

about us

Who Are We?

Multiply Digital is a performance-based marketing agency that offers incentivised and revenue-share payment agreements with our clients.

We can often create joint ventures with clients, where we are spending our own money on advertising campaigns.

Or incentivised agreements where we are heavily discounting our fees if campaigns are not providing a profit.

Hence, why we have spent so much time and effort creating the process and the philosophies that help us plan an effective campaign that the market will love.

Because the success of a campaign will mostly come down to ‘what’ you’re promoting, not tactics of ‘how’ you’re promoting it.

The message, the differentiator to the competition, and meeting the needs of the market that are currently not satisfied.

That’s what matters most.


Darren Eagle

"We used to think how good our messaging was, but these guys have got to know the industry, they've got us to tweak our messaging, and have us sounding totally different to other people in the market that do what we do, and getting us the clients that we wanted."
Being Australia’s first agency to provide revenue share agreements where we spend our own company money on advertising other people's businesses, our financial success hinges on our clients being profitable.

Our revenue partnerships include covering the costs for clicks to Google and/or Facebook, as well as our management fee. We simply take a percentage of the revenue we generate. 

Therefore we’re not in the business of setting up campaigns that don’t deliver a profit... Our business simply couldn’t afford it.

In order to move to a revenue share model and not lose a lot of money, we needed to develop a structured process to identify:

Who we would accept as a client and why
How we could help them refine their positioning and offering to be one that would be extremely profitable to promote
How to validate that thinking before wasting money on ads and resources on setting up a marketing funnel
What’s more, we needed to be able to develop a way to do this in a matter of weeks. Spending months on a campaign where we were ‘footing the bill’ simply to ‘test what works’ with a shotgun approach just wasn’t feasible and would have sent us bankrupt.

Our approach

Understand The Competiton
Prior to spending money on clicks, understand the market and its audiences through data and market research.
Find A Niche You Can Own
Identify a niche in the market where the business could become the best option available for that specific audience.
Find The Bleeding Neck
Finding those who need to solve a problem now is the easiest path to a sale. Because if they don’t make a decision very quickly, something bad will happen. This is also the key to a quick and profitable sales cycle and avoiding those “send me some more information, and I’ll think about it” people.
Develop A Killer Offer
That makes the purchase decision a very quick and easy one with zero friction, and takes away the risk of the purchase as much as possible for the customer. 
Prove Market Need
A survey of the market that confirms a market need and direct response from the offering and positioning.


DIY Positioning and Offering 

Our DIY Positioning and Offering course has been developed to guide you through the same steps we take as an agency to reduce the risk for us and our clients.

Now, any business owner can find their niche and plan a more efficient business for one tenth of the cost of working with us directly.

Find & lead your niche today!

What’s waiting for you inside?

Module 1: Audience & positioning

  • Get 3 levels down; brainstorm niches for your audience and service with our ‘3 levels down’ exercise, and see examples of others who have done it before you.
  • ​Choosing your audience; questions to help you choose an audience that you’ll love working with, that will be profitable, and will be a growth audience in the future
  • ​Positioning ideas; know exactly why your audience is going to choose you, the main buying factor they care about that you can be the most extreme version of in the market

Module 2: Offering

  • The 7 components of an irresistible offer, and how to use each to make your product/service an absolute 'no-brainer'
  • ​Making the buying process quick and frictionless for the consumer
  • ​Taking away the risk from a purchase
  • ​Creating urgency with authenticity (real urgency, not fake see-through BS) to get a quicker purchase

Module 3: Validation 

  • ​Quantitative (desktop) market research tactics to prove your audience and niche are growing well into the future, and worth becoming the leader for
  • ​Qualitative interviews; how to get them and what to ask to get the best insights
  • ​Getting the first few sales and proving you’re on to a winning brand positioning & offering

Module 4: Simplify

  • The key to scale is simplicity
  • ​Making your service a more valuable proposition by improving 3 key areas
  • ​How the best businesses in the world succeed

Module 5: Marketing funnels

  • ​Creating a marketing system that can repeatedly generate clients on-demand, and give you control over your new client flow. Giving reliability and control in your business
  • ​The 4 different types of funnels, the pro’s and con’s of each and what the user experiences in each. Helping you choose what might be best for you to build for your business situation.

Who should do this…

The last question then becomes is this something you really HAVE to do?

It's not a lot of money, but you might ask, is this DIY Positioning and Offering course something I really have to do?

Here’s a quick checklist to see if you are going to benefit from the course.

  • Have you tried digital marketing before but the maths didn’t work? It wasn’t profitable?
  • ​Do you find your leads are often referring to price? Or shopping between you and other providers and making their choice based on price?
  • ​Are you struggling to generate leads, or the leads you do generate you have to follow up with again and again? It feels like you’re chasing them rather than them chasing you
  • ​You can’t list a specific customer persona who would still choose you even if they shopped around with all of your competitors?
  • ​You’ve never completed qualitative and quantitative market research in your field, and don’t know how to.
If You Answered Yes To A Number Of The Questions Above, It’s Vital You refine your Positioning and Offering Before Spending Money On Paid Advertising.

Hurry, we’re offering 80% off for the first 100 customers

You see, we’ve been doing this ourselves for a long time now, but this course is fresh off the press. And as such, we’re giving it to you for a steal (with a catch).

The catch is, that once you go through the course you'll give us your feedback in a 10min interview, and if you get a lot of value from it, you’ll share your results afterwards and provide a testimonial.

Frequently asked questions

Should I do this if I don’t have any clients?
100%, the philosophies here are relevant whether you are pre-idea or whether you've been running for 10 years. If you don't have clients currently, you may have less experience to judge your ideal audience that you love working with, but the course will help you realise gaps in the market and get off to a flying start.
How long will this take?
The content itself you can get through in a day or 2, allowing yourself time to come up with the ideas and completing the research is different for everyone, most would complete within 3 to 6 weeks.
What if I need further support or get stuck?
Technical support is available at any time to make sure you can access everything you need. You also have 1 hour of consulting included in your purchase to make sure you're on the right track with your ideas. If you would like more support you can book a call with us any time from within the program. 
Can you help me make the ads?
This course is to help you find a niche and a core message that will make any future ads more effective and bring a higher ROI, we do provide information on creating marketing funnels in the course, but building any funnels is not included in this purchase. You can take the information you learn here and do something yourself, hire an agency, or use us. All with a higher chance of success because you started with strategy first. 
Why shouldn't I just setup a campaign and start getting leads and sales straight away?
Throwing money at Google and Facebook and trying to learn by trial and error is actually a far slower and more expensive way to learn how to become a leader than taking 3 to 6 weeks to conduct market research and have qualitative conversations with your audience.
Many try digital marketing and fail completely, or make some sales but are unprofitable, this course will make it far more likely you can run a high ROI campaign.
What if I don't find value in this course?
The concepts you come up with and validate in this course will steer the ship of your marketing for years to come, we believe the efficiencies you gain here will be worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next few years. If you don't agree, just let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your purchase and remove your access to the course, no hard feelings.
Those who would rather just have us do it, are eligible to use their payment for this course as a credit to our fee for the done-for-you version.

Limited time only - 1 free hour of consulting

Get 1 free hour of consulting to review your progress and provide feedback on your positioning & offering, just to make sure you're getting it, and on the right path to dominating a niche.

Our 30-day love it or leave it money-back guarantee

Here’s my suggestion (and my promise) to you…
Grab the “DIY Positioning & Offering course” today.
Go through and consume ALL of the training...
Learn the philosophies and exercises we use EVERYDAY for our clients to create rock solid brands that lead their category.
Apply these strategies, and start getting a better return on your marketing spend...
If for some reason you don’t love the course…
If the concepts you come up with in the course don't help make your leads cheaper, your sales calls convert better, and your business more profitable…
Just let us know within 30 days of your purchase, and you’ll receive a full, hassle-free refund!

Find & lead 
your niche today!

  • Become the #1 option to your ideal audience
  • ​Dominate your niche
  • Create drastic growth in your business
  • ​Increase profits

Only $197 

(first 100 customers only)

Only $197 

(first 100 customers only)

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